5 Star Pool Service

For Our Neighbors In Pealand, TX

We Believe In GREAT customer service & Reliable pool cleaning for your family.

At Durrett Poolscapes, we believe that your pool should be a sanctuary of relaxation, family fun and years of great memories.  That’s why we offer full-service pool cleaning options that fit your pool, and your budget. 

Premium Weekly Pool Plan

If you live in the Pearland area and want less pool chores, why not call Durrett now and let us earn your trust and your business.  Try us for one month and watch our crew clean your pool, balance your chemicals, scrub and vacuum the pool and more.


Whether your pool has been neglected for a bit too long or maybe you have recently moved and want a fresh slate for your pool water, Durrett offers full DRAIN AND FILL pool cleaning packages that will clean any pool fast.


No matter what type of pool filter you have: Sand, DE or Cartridge, Durrett is the local pool filter cleaning expert who can perform your semi-annual cleanouts.  Call today for special deals on all pool cleaning services.

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning

  • Plaster Pool Brushing

  • Pool Vacuuming

  • Pool Repairs

  • Pool Filter Cleaning

  • Pool Chemical Balancing

  • Pool Automation

  • Pool Lighting

  • Pool Plaster Repair

  • Pool Coping Repair

  • Pool Heaters

  • Automated Pool Cleaners

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