Jandy Pool Lighting Made Flexible

Both niched and nicheless pool lights provide brilliant illumination for your pool, but due to their size, nicheless pool lights enable greater flexibility for more elaborate pool designs.

For example, nicheless lights can be installed in shallow sun shelves, narrow walls, under pedestals or installed vertically in grottos and negative edge basins for added lighting effects. 

At Elite Pool Services, we are ready to show you how to light up your pool with color, style and function.  We work with every client to customize a stunning solution with extreme energy efficiency.  

Change Color To Suit Your Mood.

With our custom pool and backyard lighting solutions, you can always set the perfect mood for family and friends. 

Calm Blue

Go Green

Perfect In Purple


“Niche” refers to the pool light housing. Niched pool lights are generally larger in size and require advanced planning for placement during the rebar installation phase. “Nicheless” lights are smaller and don’t require a niche or special accommodation with the rebar.

You can sufficiently light most swimming pool designs with either one or two niched pool lights. Alternately, you can use multiple nicheless lights with little to no difference in energy consumption. Plus, with more lights spread throughout the pool, more even light distribution will be attained — making it an aesthetic decision.

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