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Your pool is a BIG INVESTMENT and a leak can often be costly to fix and hard to find.  That’s exactly why pool owners near Palm Beach, FL choose Palm Beach Pool & Spa Service to perform expert leak detection with the latest equipment.

How Serious Is My Leak?

All pool leaks are NOT created equal.  In fact, some leaks that we find are merely superficial leaks that can be found with visual inspection.  However, when the problem isn’t obvious, we have the tools and knowledge to use the latest techniques to pinpoint and repair your trouble point.

What are the signs of a pool leak that needs attention?

Your Pool or Spa Loses 1/4 Inch Per Day

You See A Sinking Portion Of Pool Deck

Your Perform A Bucket Test And Fail

You See Cracking In Your Pool Concrete

You Suspect or See A Liner Rip

Check The Pump and See Drips

Check The Plumbing Connections & See Water

You Have To Add Water More Than Once Per Week

You See A Rusting Light or Broken Skimmer

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