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Are you upgrading or remodeling your pool?

Start here for great videos that highlight products, renovation facts and other key pool topics.

Thinking about adding or upgrading pool lights? Watch this video which explains all about LED vs traditional lighting opitons.

All About Pool Equipment

Heater or Heat Pump? Which is the right choice for your particular pool? Learn about the Hayward heat pump now.

What pool pump is right for you? Learn about VS / variable speed pumps that save energy.

Beat the chlorine shortage and hassle of dealing with harsh chemicals. Go SALT now,

Total control of your pool is now available from your phone.  Check out the new Aqualink pool automation system.

Clever Pool Maintenance Tips 

Why won’t my pool pump prime? Find out now.

How To Correct Low Water Pressure.

Troubleshoot Your Hayward Aquarite pump.

How To Backwash Your Pool Filter.

How To Manually Vacuum Your Pool.

How To Clean Your Filter Cartridge


At Palm Beach Pool & Spa Service, we get MANY phone calls every month regarding plaster & pool remodeling.  The fact is, most customers don’t know that much about pool finishes and often get taken advantage of when it’s time to renovate.

We want every client to be fully informed and know all the choices when it comes to pool refinishing.  That’s why we have compiled these important videos from a variety of pool finish companies that can explain some of the critical considerations that go into pool makeovers.

If You Need Remodeling, Check Out Our "Makeover" Page

Get all the info you need to know about upgrading equipment, surfaces, tile and more.  We even have full catalogs for you.

How do you choose the right pebble pool finish? Let’s help you understand.

Dark Colored Pools… Here is what yuo need to know about these luxury finishes.

Pool Plaster 101: We help you understand the basics of plastering your pool.

What is a Laminar and do you want one? Learn about this water feature now.

Pricing: What are the variables in pool plaster / finishing costs. We explain the details. 

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