Perfect pool decking


Whether your current pool deck is old and worn, or you just want to upgrade to a new travertine paver, stamped concrete or luxury patio deck, WE ARE READY TO HELP.



Sundeck Classic Texture

  •  For installations, we use this spray texture, an exclusive and original acrylic concrete pool deck coating that gives your deck a slip resistance surface, weatherproof, durable, and all the time beautiful. This is much-preferred by residential and commercial space owners for the safety and aesthetics it assures them.

Stained Concrete

Is your concrete pool deck not the right color? You are no longer restricted to plain gray cement slabs. A pool deck recolor can be done with just the application of stains. You can choose from an acid type, which yields random effects and color tones, or the water-based type, which produces more consistent colors.


Stamped Concrete Overlay

You can have a custom concrete designed around your pool that matches the style of the pool, as well as your usage needs. For instance, you might choose to incorporate flagstone pattern on the coping and ashlar pattern on the rest of the deck. A customized stamped concrete pool deck rules! It’s simpler than ever to customize concrete, particularly with new overlay and patterning products that give you the look of any material on the market. Have you longed for a deck made of interlocking natural stone? Perhaps you love the look of warm brick or prefer the stylish look of cobbles. Any of these can be achieved with a stamped overlay.


If you live in the South, you know that some materials can get so hot in the summer sun that they can easily burn bare feet. One of the wonderful things about travertine stone is that it keeps your feet cool and you don’t have to worry about your friends or family burning themselves.

Timeless natural beauty

Travertine has a natural variation in color and pattern that never goes out of style and evokes a sense of luxury and opulence.

Improves your home’s value

Buyers love to see a travertine patio or pool deck. Because of their classic beauty and durability, these pavers can boost your resale value.

Durable and reliable

A travertine deck lasts for a very long time. You can expect well-maintained pavers to last many decades. Some last over one hundred years. This stone can handle high residential traffic indoors or outdoors.

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