Expert Pool Opening & Closing Plans Save Time & Money.

If you need a pool opening or pool closing company in the Collierville, Memphis, Germantown etc, area, why not choose the most reliable experts around?  Elite Pools offers affordable pool packages so you can open and close with no hassle.   

While we’re closing your pool, we will check and ensure that your pool pump, pool filter or entire pool system is ready for winter.   

Start the pool season off in style and with NO HASSLE when you choose a pool opening package from Elite Pools.  We GUARANTEE on-time, expert and cost effective pool openings for your family.

  • Remove Your Pool Cover. 
  • Check and Reconnect Pool Equipment. 
  • Replace Winterizing Plugs. 
  • Check the Water Level and Start the Pool Pump.
  • Balance Your Pool Water. 
  • Use a Pool Start-Up Kit.
  • Install rails, fittings, grates, and pool related equipment.
  • Install cartridges from filter
  • Store Winter Cover as requested.

Closing your Pool Make Simple: Call the local experts at Elite to properly close and winterize your inground  swimming pool.  We do it all so you don’t need to handle your pool closing. 

  • Drain pool to winterized level
  • Remove lights from niches if requested
  • Remove rails, fittings, grates, and pool related equipment
  • Drain all pool equipment
  • Blow out water from all piping and induce anti-freeze
  • Plug all applicable piping to prevent water from entering the plumbing
  • Remove cartridges from filter and clean
  • Install winter cover

Need a new pool cover this year?  Elite is proud to offer a full line of mesh, solid mesh and SOLID premium pool covers from Looploc, Latham, Tara and more.  Use this special offer and call today for a fast and free estimate.  We can custom fit a pool cover in any color and any configuration.  We even have covers that fit waterfalls, custom rock features and other unique shapes.

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