When selecting your pool finish, texture should be considered in addition to color.

  • For the beauty and endurance of a smooth quartz finish, select NPT QuartzScapes® or ColorScapes®.
  • For a remarkably smooth, long-lasting finish, look no further than NPT PolishedScapes.
  • One of the most popular, long-lasting interior finishes, StoneScapes® gives your pool the look and feel of a pebble-bottomed stream.
  • For the sensation of swimming in a pool of rare gems, JewelScapes® is the finish for you.
  • Combine eye-catching, smooth glass beads with pebbles for a dramatic, custom look all your own.
  • If deep, rich color is all you want, try a PlasterScapes® finish.

Subtle Changes in appearance, created by the play of sunlight and shade, are part of the Inherent Beauty of your pool finish.

The NPT Pool Finish Catalog is the best place to see the full range of glass bead, polished aggregate, pebble, quartz, and plaster pool finishes we offer.

Interested in only looking at NPT StoneScapes Pebble Pool Finishes? This catalog features micro, mini, and regular pool and spa finishes. Some of the finishes even include a touch of glass.

The NPT QuartzScapes catalog features three different pool finish series that combine crushed quartz, white cement and mineral-based pigments to form a strong and beautiful pool finish.

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