SmartFilter™ Ultra
Take great technology-and make it even better! SmartFilter Ultra cuts filter cartridge cleaning and replacement by up to four times. This award-winning, multi-cyclonic pre-filter saves water, and energy, improves circulation, minimizes filter maintenance, and extends cartridge lifespan.

Here’s the dirty truth: Cleaning your filter’s cartridge shortens its life. The process wears down the cartridge’s material fibers. In addition, each cleaning consumes
both precious water and time from your day.

Now, with its extra-large storage capacity, your Blue Haven SmartFilter is already way ahead of the game: Our exclusive model requires far less cleaning than any otherone. However, you can cut its small housekeeping needs even further.

Upgrading to the Ultra model will ease the workload on the filter itself-thereby reducing water use and maintenance to even lower levels.

The Ultra is a multi-cyclonic pre-filter that captures about 80 percent of the dirt before it reaches your SmartFilter. That dirt interception allows your filter to focus on capturing finer dirt particles­ those under 30 microns”‘. With less dirt entering and clogging the unit, your cartridge will operate more effectively, and its cleaning need will drop to record lows.

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